Tuesday, February 23, 2016

28 Days OLLIE: Scenario: Student Personalized Learning

Mrs. Johnson has a variety of student ability groups in her Middle School Science course. She finds that she teaches to the middle and sees that her lower level students are falling further behind and her upper level students are bored.  She is looking for options to help all of her students learn at their own pace which would also allow her to be more of a facilitator.

She decides to ask the OLLIE Community for ideas on how they personalize their learning for students What would you share with her in support of her concerns? Share your thoughts in the forum discussion found on the sidebar under 'To Do'.

  Share your ideas on how to personalize learning and hear how Iowa educators are supporting student personalized learning through this forum discussion.
This video on how to use AEA PD Online's Personalized Student Learning System will help you learn to explore the system.

Explore more at https://softchalkcloud.com/lesson/files/LO6k0M9AaxNCzd/28days29.html

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