Tuesday, February 16, 2016

28 Days of OLLIE: Video Resources

As you heard from Jarod Borman yesterday, there are many tools to create video content for your classroom. Today you can explore more of these tools as well as instructional learning opportunities to help you become better at creating these videos. Explore these Softchalk lessons to learn more (found on the link below):

Designing Spoken/Recorded Lessons (Softchalk Lesson)
Lecture in the Modern Classroom (Softchalk Lesson)
Preparing your Speaking Voice (Softchalk Lesson)
Narrative Structure and Style (Softchalk Lesson)

Check out all of the resources to create and learn more about creating flipped videos at https://softchalkcloud.com/lesson/files/LO6k0M9AaxNCzd/28days22.html .

If you have questions,  return to the the forum thread to ask questions.

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