Saturday, February 13, 2016

28 Days of OLLIE: Day 13

We are almost half-way done with our 28 days already.  We are continuing our look on instructional design--understanding the big picture when it comes to building your blended learning opportunities.


 Ms. Sanchez is getting some time this weekend to take a look at some of the OLLIE lessons on instructional objects. These are helping her put the pieces together. She can see that online learning includes sequencing these instructional objects together into a unit that meets her learning outcomes. She also sees that it blurs the lines a bit between what is an instructional lesson, an assessment, and a collaborative activity, as many things do both or even all three.

But now, she is beginning to see that she is really interested in blended learning, not fully teaching online. The lessons help her understand that blended learning actually uses the same design techniques as fully-online teaching does, but just is purposeful about what of those items (lessons, collaboration, assessment) is done online.

These lessons help her better understand what she saw shared by other teachers in the forum and the sharing database. She goes back to those, and now looks for some ideas for things she can use in her class. She also notes that she could contribute her own idea to the class, which she makes a note to do someday to help other teachers who will be coming along in the future.

To Do:

• If you have not done so already, check out the To-Do steps from day 12

• Take a look at some of the following lessons to help understand some of the basics about designing online content:
1. Guiding Principles of Online Instruction
2. Visual Design
3. Structuring Your Course into Units
4. Types of Online Assessment
5. What is Online Assessment?

• MOST IMPORTANTLY: Be sure to check out the lesson on instructional objects, if you did not do so yesterday.

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