Thursday, February 13, 2014

EduCanon: Creating Interactive Videos for Your Online or Blended Classroom

To find out how to create easy, interactive videos to your online or blended course, click here.

Tool of the Month: Vocaroo

Vocaroo is a super easy and free service which allows users to create and share audio recordings without the need to install software. Once an audio recording, it can be shared with others via a link or embedded in a webpage/course. Users can even download the recording as an mp3 file to a computer and share it later. 

Upcoming Courses: March 1-April 15, 2014

See below for a list of upcoming online professional learning opportunities. To register, click on the activity number listed with each course. To conduct your own search for professional development classes, download the AEA PD Online app at or click here to go to the AEA PD Online catalog.

Intro to Google Apps: Tools to Integrate
Discover how Google Apps can improve students’ 21st century skills.
Register at 22014599991402
Course Dates: Mar. 2-April 27, 2014
Credit(s):  2

iMovie: Digital Video in the Classroom
Change things up in the classroom by infusing digital video into instruction.
Register at 22000399991403
Course Dates: Mar. 3-Mar. 23, 2014
Credit(s):  1

MovieMaker: Digital Video in the Classroom
Use Microsoft Movie Maker to create digital video for the classroom.
Register at 22000699991403
Course Dates: Mar. 3-Mar. 23, 2014
Credit(s):  1

The Global Classroom
Find new ways to connect your students with other students from around the world.
Register at 22004499991403
Course Dates: Mar. 3-April 20, 2014
Credit(s):  3

Google Sites
Learn to use Google Sites in the classroom to enhance collaboration, creativity, and student communication.
Register at 22012899991405
Course Dates: Mar. 9-May 11, 2014
Credit(s):  2

iPods & iPads for the Classroom
Incorporate iPods and iPads into classroom instruction.
Register at 22004199991408
Course Dates: Mar. 10-April 22, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Spanish for Educators Online
Learn basic Spanish with a focus on the vocabulary of the education workplace.
Register at 22000799991403
Course Dates: Mar. 11-April 22, 2014
Credit(s):  3 (License Renewal Only)

Examining: Engaging Troubling Students: A Constructivist Approach
Discover how to engage problematic students in the learning process and build strong meaningful relationships with them.
Register at 22003299991404
Course Dates: Mar. 12-May 9, 2014
Credit(s):  3

Examining: Fierce Teaching
Examine seven brain-based, core principles necessary for achieving consistent, positive learning outcomes.
Register at 22018799991402
Course Dates: Mar. 12-May 9, 2014
Credit(s):  3

Secrets of the Teenage Brain
Uncover the secrets of the teenage brain and how it impacts adolescents’ moods, decision-making, and behaviors.
Register at 22019199991402
Course Dates: Mar. 12-May 9, 2014
Credit(s):  2

The Mexican-American Experience: Introduction to Chicano Studies
Take a closer look at the Mexican-American experience and discover ways to integrate it into the classroom.
Register at 22010099991401
Course Dates: Mar. 13-Apr. 17, 2014
Credit(s):  1 (License Renewal Only)

iLife in the Classroom
Spice up daily instruction by learning how to use iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand with your students.
Register at 22004299991405
Course Dates: Mar. 17-April 13, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Strategies for Champion Teachers! Easy Tips and Tricks You Can Use Tomorrow
Load up your teacher toolbox with 49 practical, research based instructional strategies that will set you and your students up for success.
Register at 22019299991402
Course Dates: Mar. 17-May 3, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Learning Japan
Spend some time studying the land, history, and culture of Japan and find ways to incorporate it into your teaching.
Register at 22013999991401
Course Dates: Mar. 18-April 23, 2014
Credit(s):  1 (License Renewal Only)

French Essentials for Educators
Take a moment to begin to learn the French language.
Register at 22019499991401
Course Dates: Mar. 24-April 28, 2014
Credit(s):  1 (License Renewal Only)

Introduction to Google Apps
Harness the power of Google Apps and create learning environments that support collaboration.
Register at 22007899991408
Course Dates: Mar. 24-April 27, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Using the iPad in the Science Classroom
Leverage the power of the mobile technology in the science construction.
Register at 22013199991401
Course Dates: Mar. 24-April 28, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Glogster: Project-Based Learning with Multimedia
Discover how to help students create and use interactive posters (glogs) that combine text, images, sound, video clips, graphics, and hyperlinks.
Register at 22009099991403
Course Dates: Mar. 31-April 20, 2014
Credit(s):  1

Introduction to Preparing and Teaching in 1:1 Environment
Discover strategies that will assist in the transition to an 1:1 environment.
Register at 22018499991403
Course Dates: Mar. 31-May 4, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Photoshop Elements: Digital Imaging in the Classroom
Enliven and enhance classroom instruction by integrating digital cameras, color scanners, and images from the web.
Register at 22000499991403
Course Dates: Mar. 31-April 20, 2014
Credit(s):  1

Using the iPad in the Language Arts Classroom
Create opportunities to engage students in collaboration and critical thinking using mobile technology in the language arts classroom.
Register at 22014799991401
Course Dates: Mar. 31-May 5, 2014
Credit(s):  2

MOLLIE: Designing Online Lessons, Including Softchalk
Dig deep into how to design and build text-based and spoken lessons for an online environment.
Register at 22017999991403
Course Dates: April 2-May 6, 2014
Credit(s):  2

MOLLIE: Online Teaching Best Practices
Make your online course more robust and rigorous by studying and applying the online teaching standards to your course.
Register at 22019699991401
Course Dates: April 2-May 6, 2014
Credit(s):  2

OLLIE: Introduction to the Online Learner
Discover what online learning is like from the student perspective.
Register at 22001399991406
Course Dates: April 2-April 22, 2014
Credit(s):  1

OLLIE: Online Facilitation
Learn about the differences between online and face-to-face instruction and online facilitation strategies that will increase student learning.
Register at 22009699991403
Course Dates: April 2-May 6, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Formative Assessment With and Without Technology
Fill your toolbox with formative assessment strategies and ideas that will allow you to make powerful instructional decisions to improve teaching and learning in your classroom.
Register at 22018299991403
Course Dates: April 7-May 11, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Dig into the critical elements of the teacher evaluation system in Iowa.
Register at 22017299991410
Course Dates: April 11-May 30, 2014
Credit(s):  2 (License Renewal Only)

iPods and iPads for the Classroom
Learn to implement Apple's iPods & iPads into your classroom. Harness the power of Google Apps and create learning environments that support collaboration.
Register at 22004199991409
Course Dates: April 14-May 11, 2014
Credit(s):  2 

External Partners

Getting Students Organized with Evernote and Dropbox
Date: February 18, 2014
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Join middle school administrator, Shannon Holden, as he reveals free tools to help students take notes, produce projects, study for tests, and have important information available at the click of a mouse. Register here.

Exploring Depth of Knowledge Two-The “Sweet Spot” for Common Core and Next Generation Mathematics
Date: February 20, 2014
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Participants will engage in deeper understanding of what “Depth of Knowledge” means and looks like, as well as specific strategies to meet the level of cognitive demand required by next generation and Common Core learning Standards. Pragmatic, real-world, achievable strategies are presented, for immediate use by educators. Register here.

Exploring the Depth of Knowledge Three-The “Sweet Spot” for Common Core  and Next Generation English Language Arts
Date: March 6, 2014
Time: 3:00 p.m.
The largest, most difficult, and most impactful “shift” in Common Core and other “Next Generation” learning standards is the recognition that students must be able to perform at a deeper level of cognition – literally, “depth of knowledge”.
In English Language Arts, “Depth of Knowledge 3: Strategic Thinking & Reasoning” is the most common level of student performance.Join us to dive deeper into thinking and cognitive demand, and identify resources to put your students – and teachers – on a pathway for success. Register here.

Using SlideShare & SlideShark to Make Your PowerPoints Available to Students Online
Date: March 18, 2014
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Join tech specialist, Shannon Holden, as he walks teachers through the process of posting PowerPoints for viewing on two free platforms – SlideShare and SlideShark. Register here.