Monday, February 15, 2016

28 Days of OLLIE: Scenario: Leveraging Videos

Can you believe that we are more than half way through the 28 Days of OLLIE? We hope you have learned more about blending your classroom. Days 15-17 will take you into leveraging videos for flipping/blending your classroom content.  Read through this scenario. Does it sound like you?

Ms. Guthrie is interested in using videos in her blended course, but she has a lot of questions. She would like to know:
  • How people are using videos with their students
  • Where people are getting their videos from
  • And if they are making them, what tools they are using.
Ms. Guthrie posts her questions in the forum discussion.
What advice can you give her? What answers do you have to her questions?

To Do #1:  Check out the forum thread found here and share your thoughts to help Ms. Guthrie and others incorporate video into online or blended classes.

To Do #2:   In the OLLIE Community (where the 28 days exists) you can share the flipped videos you have found that are used in your classroom or share the videos you have created that you would like to share with others.  Go here for videos to use in your classroom and share your own in this Video Database (found in the OLLIE Community for future use).

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