Monday, January 27, 2020

20% Time: Independent Project- Learn Like Google Modules in Student Personalized Learning System

Many of you have heard about Google's 20 % time where they allow their employees 20% of their work time to investigate other things.  Educator Kevin Brookhouser's wrote a book called The 20Time Project about this process for the classroom. See his website

Indianola teacher Ali Sauter developed a set of modules for Indianola students that she graciously allowed us to take and move statewide that follow what Kevin suggests students do in the classroom to work on their passion.  Here are the modules that are available for you to use with your students should you want to try this out:

Learning Op (contains all the modules sequentially)
  • 20 % Time: Independent Project
Individual Modules:
  • Independent Study: Step 1 Project Based Learning
  • Independent Study: Step 2 Selecting the Right Project for You
  • Independent Study: Step 3 Blogging
  • Independent Study: Step 4 Failing Forward
  • Independent Study: Step 5 The Final Presentation
Thanks Ali for sharing these modules with us.

You can find these modules and the Learning Op in the Student Personalized Learning System and  either search for them or choose Communication Skills to find them ( they are in other categories as well). If you need assistance or want to build your own content contact Denise Krefting or Melissa Wicklund.