Wednesday, April 15, 2015

TLC Launch Event Resources

If you are tweeting about the April 15, 2015 Launching Teacher Leadership event, please use this hashtag:  #iatlc
On April 15, 2015 the Iowa Department of Education will host Launching Teacher Leadership: Operationalizing the TLC Plan. The audience for this event is Cohort 2 TLC schools in Iowa. The event will he held at the Iowa Events Center, 730 Third Street, Des MoinesIA 50309. 

Goals for the day include:
  • To deepen knowledge of the change process in order to support all school personnel in a teacher leadership system.
  • To engage in collegial conversations that focus on integration and alignment of educational improvement efforts that will be impacted by the teacher leadership system in order to support these efforts in a systematic way.
  • To establish/revise/revisit the district's vision for the teacher leadership system and determine/revise/create a communication plan that allows the district to set goals and action steps to carryout the vision.
  • To create structures and schedules conductive to collaboration and professional learning that will allow for the teacher leader system to be impactful.
You can learn more about the event and register on the Department of Education webpage or by contacting Lora Rasey (
You may view the agenda for April 15, 2015 by clicking on the file cabinet below. 
Breakout Rooms: The breakout sessions for districts will be facilitated by AEA. Please go to the breakout room that corresponds to your AEA.  
 Great Prairie:  Room 305-306
Mississippi Bend:  Room 316-317
Heartland:  Room 314-315
Grant Wood:  Room 312-313
Green Hills and North West:  Room 302
AEA 267:  Room 303
Prairie Lakes and Keystone:  Room 304

April 15 Participant FilesClick on the file cabinet to access documents you will use during the April 15, Launching Teacher Leadership meeting. 

Parking Lot : Click here to add your questions to the parking lot. Questions may be focused on the content you've discussed today, questions to which you'd like other school teams to respond, or questions for our lunchtime panel.
Evaluation and Feedback : Please click on the photo to provide you feedback regarding Launching Teacher Leadership.

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