Friday, April 3, 2015

Gaming vs. Gamification Conversation


The concept of “gaming” vs  “gamification” came up in a conversation with colleagues, again. We were discussing what makes it gaming and not gamification. Are we just splitting hairs? Or, are the two words interchangeable?

According to Osterweil and Klopfer, both MIT professors, gamification too often means “making a game out of learning…,” and “undermines what they see as a real opportunity for games to radically, albeit playfully, transform education.”

 Many educational games are just designed as 'drill and kill' via a computer screen and the fact that teachers tend to use the games as rewards instead of starting points for learning. “The game should be an experience, where kids get to explore and problem-solve,” Klopfer said. “Then a teacher or a peer can help them make the connection between the game experience and concepts that can be generally applied.”

Check out this STEM game: The Radix Endeavor

More Resources for Teachers

The following Prezi, by Marin Burrett, highlights some resources teachers can use with their students. It includes games, apps, assessment tools, etc. 

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Peggy Steinbronn, Ed.D.

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