Monday, January 14, 2013

Upcoming Online Course Offerings

Check out the list of online professional learning opportunities below. To register, click on the activity numbers listed with each course. To conduct your own search for professional development classes, click here to go to the AEA PD Online catalog.  

Becoming a More Effective Teacher
Become familiar with Iowa’s 8 teaching standards and how to meet them.
Register at 22002199991302
Course Dates: Jan. 21-Apr. 5, 2013
Credit(s): 2 (Liscensure Renewal) 1(Graduate)

iEvaluate Teachers
Learn the critical elements of the teacher evaluation system in Iowa.
Register at 22000299991309
Course Dates: Feb. 4-Mar. 15, 2013
Credit(s): 2 (Renewal Credit Only)

The Malleable Mind: Improving Student Achievement through Brain-Based Teaching
Improve student learning by implementing brain-based lessons and curriculum in your classroom.
Register at 22010299991303
Course Dates: Feb. 4-Apr. 26, 2013
Credit(s): 3

iPods & iPads for the Classroom
Learn to implement Apple's iPods & iPads into your classroom.
Register at 22004199991307
Course Dates: Feb. 11-Mar. 10, 2013
Register at 22004199991308
Course Dates: Mar. 11-Apr. 7, 2013
Credit(s): 2

Using Iowa AEA Online Databases in the Language Arts Classroom
Integrate Iowa AEA’s Online Databases into language arts instruction.
Register at 22006599991301
Course Dates: Feb. 11-Mar. 25, 2012
Credit(s): 2

Poverty’s Toll: Improving Academic Success for Low SES Students
Explore how poverty impacts learning and learn practical strategies that educators can use to increase low SES student success.
Register at 22011699991302
Course Dates: Feb. 11-Apr. 19, 2013
Credit(s): 3

Sharpen your Critical Thinking Skills
Help improve your students critical thinking skills by learning specific skills important for information based learning.
Register at 22008999991301
Course Dates: Feb. 12-Mar. 26, 2012
Credit(s): 2 (Renewal Only)

Google Sites
Learn to use Google Sites in the classroom to enhance collaboration, creativity, and student communication.
Register at 22012899991301
Course Dates: Feb. 14-Apr. 14, 2013
Credit(s): 2

Spanish for Educators Online
Learn basic Spanish with a focus on the vocabulary of the education workplace.
Register at 22000799991304
Course Dates: Feb. 15-Mar. 28, 2013
Credit(s): 3 (Renewal Only)

Introduction to the Online Learner (OLLIE)
Discover what online learning is like from the student perspective.
Register at 22001399991304
Course Dates: Feb. 20-Mar. 12, 2013
Credit(s): 1

Online Learning Instructional Design (OLLIE)
Create student outcomes, assessments, and lessons that can be used in an online asynchronous format.
Register at 22002799991303
Course Dates: Feb. 20-Apr. 2, 2013
Credit(s): 2

Les 400 Ans du Qubec/Qubec’s 400 Years
Learn about our neighbors to the north: French-speaking Canadians.
Register at 22013699991301
Course Dates: Feb. 21-Mar. 26, 2012
Credit(s): 1 (Licensure Renewal Only)

iLife in the Classroom
Find out how to integrate Apple’s iLife Suite (iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iDVD, and iWeb) into your classroom instruction.
Register at 22004299991304
Credit(s): 2

More Than Just Mean (Relational Aggression, Cyber Bullying, LGBT)
Relational aggression is different than physical aggression. Learn how to identify and address relational aggression in children and adolescents.
Register at 22013599991301
Course Dates: Feb. 25-Apr. 26, 2013
Credit(s): 3

Standing up for Others: Moral Development, Relational Aggression, and Bullying
Understanding the relationship among bullying, relational aggression, and moral development can help address bullying issues with students.
Register at 22008399991304
Course Dates: Feb. 25-Apr. 26, 2013
Credit(s): 3

Motivating Kids from the Inside Out
Discover how to increase student motivation by learning about self-efficacy, locus of control, engagement, and self regulation.
Register at 22008599991304
Course Dates: Feb. 25-Apr. 26, 2013
Credit(s): 3

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