Monday, January 14, 2013

Tool of the Month: Diigo

What is Diigo?
Go beyond bookmarking webpages, use Diigo! Diigo allows you to archive webpages, organize them with tags, access them from any of your devices, and share them with others. It also allows you to highlight and attach sticky notes to a webpage. The next time you or someone in your diigo group returns to the site, they will see the highlights and notes others have left on the page.

See a Diigo in action!

How do I get started?
2. Click on “Get Started Now” button.
3. Create an account by filling in required information.
4. Submit your information. Diigo will send you a verification e-mail.
5. Open your e-mail and click on the e-mail from Diigo.
6. Click on the link in the e-mail to activate your account.
7. Get Diigo-ing!

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