Friday, December 13, 2019

Waukee APEX Students Create Content for Peers in the Student Personalized Learning System

Today we have a groups of student bloggers sharing the content they have created in the Student Personalized Learning System:

Four students from the Waukee APEX, Aspiring Professional Experience, program have created an informational curriculum for 3rd-5th graders to improve their dental hygiene. These students all attend Waukee High School and are a part of the Exploration of Health Sciences and Medicine course at APEX. The writers and creators of this informational page are: Waukee seniors, Abdel Homedan and David Ghaly and juniors, Mia Stevenson and Elly Bates.

This curriculum will give young kids an opportunity to learn about why it is important to have good dental hygiene and how to achieve that through interactives and fun videos. Some of the main objectives that are emphasized are the following…
  • Why it is important to brush your teeth. 
  • What happens when you do not brush your teeth properly. 
  • How to clean your teeth. 
  • How to floss your teeth properly. 
  • What a dentist does for your and your teeth! 
We chose to design this course to inform young student about the importance of dental health, but in a fun way where they can play games and watch videos. Our hope is that by creating this, kids can see brushing their teeth in a different light and hopefully have fun learning about it as well.

This module was added to the Student Personalized Learning System, and can be found on the AEA website. There are also many other lessons available to look at, so feel free to browse and maybe learn a thing or two in the process.

AEA Learning Online thanks these students and their teacher Anne Boesen for their hard work on this module. To learn more about these modules and others, you can visit click on catalog then Health and Physical Education and the tab Statewide or enter the criteria in the search.

You can also have your students create content in our system. If you are interested in having students create content, teachers creating content or using the system please contact Denise Krefting, Melissa Wicklund or Craig Mohr.

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