Friday, December 20, 2019

Waukee APEX Students Create Content for Middle School Students in the Student Personalized Learning System

Today we have a group of student bloggers sharing the content they have created in the Student Personalized Learning System:

Four students enrolled in the Waukee Aspiring Professional Experience (APEX) program, specifically the Exploration of Health Sciences and Medicine team have created a curriculum centered around chronic traumatic encephalopathy, entitled Traumatic Brain Injury: CTE. These students all attend Waukee High School and are: Waukee senior, Evan Tigges and Waukee juniors, Alex Linquist, Alizabeth Quass, and Ellie Casler. 
It was designed for middle schoolers in grades 6-8, with a goal of helping students understand multiple objectives including:
What is CTE?~Alex Linquist (Junior)
The Anatomy of the Brain~Alizabeth Quass (Junior)
Prevention~Evan Tigges (Senior)
Careers relating to the Brain~Ellie Casler (Junior)

Our group chose this topic because many of us are athletes, and care about keeping players safe while they are participating. Additionally, most of us are interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, and we enjoy learning more about the jobs that are available along with the anatomy of the human body.

This module was added to the Student Personalized Learning System, and can be found on the AEA website. There are also many other modules available for use in the classroom, including Phonics, math, and career modules. Take a look!
AEA Learning Online thanks these students and their teacher Anne Boesen for their hard work on this module. To learn more about these modules and others, you can visit click on catalog then Health and Physical Education and the tab Statewide or enter the criteria in the search.

You can also have your students create content in our system. If you are interested in having students create content, teachers create content or using the system please contact Denise Krefting, Melissa Wicklund or Craig Mohr.

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