Monday, April 25, 2016

Video Game Design Self-paced Modules - An Interview with Dr. Marv Howard

Good things continue to come your way on the Student Personalized Learning System!

Dr. Marv Howard, the Advanced Learning Technologist for AEA PD Online, is currently working on a mini-course for secondary students in the area of video game design.  This mini-course will consist of 5 modules instructing students on programming, game design, graphics, and storytelling.  In addition, the modules give students a brief history in the early stages of video game design from the 70s and 80s.

The student learning experience consists of students re-creating the different games.  The modules help start students with some basic code and explain how to customize and construct their own additions.

While the modules are still in development, they will be available this summer on the Personalized Learning System, free for Iowa schools to use.  The modules help illustrate the nature of the system, which focuses personalized learning on deeper, inquiry- or project-based learning where students interact both with the content and an instructor.

Below is an interview with Dr. Howard, who gives us a sneak peak of the modules:

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