Friday, April 1, 2016

Iowa 1:1 Conference Presentation: Blending Your Professional Development

This Wednesday, the annual Iowa 1:1 conference is being held at the Iowa Events Center.  AEA PD Online will be there!  Be sure to stop by our booth to check out the new features on the Personalized Learning System and new e-curriculum offerings.  Also, if you haven't done so already, stop by and get access to your SoftChalk Cloud account (a savings of $500).

We are also leading two sessions.  At 10:15 in room 303, come find out how you can blend your professional development.  Districts across the state are looking at ways of supplementing and replacing current professional development efforts with online ones that are flexibly paced and available on that staff's terms.  This includes:

  • Locally created trainings
  • Human resource trainings
  • Front-loaded professional development for PLC work
  • Credit-bearing opportunities
  • Professional development for para-educators and other support staff
  • Reporting and data collection for compliance
  • Train-the-trainer facilitated course options
  • Online educator communities

Our slides for the presentation can be seen below (subject to updates).  Keep in mind, the slides don't tell the story of the districts who are blending their professional development for the staff.  Be sure to have someone from your team there to hear those stories first-hand!

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