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Upcoming Courses (Jan. 1-Feb. 15, 2014)

See below for a list of upcoming online professional learning opportunities. To register, click on the activity number listed with each course. To conduct your own search for professional development classes, download the AEAPD Online app at or click here to go to the AEA PD Online catalog.

Google Apps 101
Find ways to use Google apps to increase student productivity.
Register at 22004099991402
Course Dates: Jan. 2-Feb. 3, 2014
Credit(s):  1

Blueprint for Common Core Foundational Skills
Dig into the literacy Iowa Core Foundational Skills and find out how understanding the phonetic basis of English can help students be successful.
Register at 22016699991403
Course Dates: Jan. 6-Mar. 2, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Using IPads in the Math Classroom
Discover ways to leverage the power of the iPad and math apps to increase communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in the classroom.
Register at 22014199991401
Course Dates: Jan. 6-Feb. 3, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Moving Past the Textbook: Teaching U.S. History Thematically
Push past the boundaries of the history textbook and discover ways to make American history meaningful to students.
Register at 22017099991402
Course Dates: Jan. 7-Feb. 10, 2014
Credit(s):  2 (Renewal Only)

MOLLIE: Blended Learning
Discover how to blend classroom instruction so that students have the flexibility of online learning and the benefits of face-to-face instruction.
Register at 22015099991403
Course Dates: Jan. 8-Feb. 11, 2014
Credit(s):  2

OLLIE: Online Assessment, Feedback, and Evaluation
Online assessment, feedback, and evaluation is different than face-to-face. Learn methods to use with students in an online course.
Register at 22009899991402
Course Dates: Jan. 8-Feb. 11, 2014
Credit(s):  2

OLLIE: Technology for Online Instruction: Moodle
This course will help teachers become “Moodle-savvy.”
Register at 22005399991402
Course Dates: Jan. 8-Feb. 11, 2014
Credit(s):  2

How Do You Teach Reading? Speaking the Language of the Book Whisperer
Add to your toolbox of resources and ideas that will “awaken the inner reader in every child.”
Register at 22019399991401
Course Dates: Jan. 13-Feb. 7, 2014
Credit(s):  1

Inquiry through the School Library
Learn how to stimulate inquiry based learning by implementing the information problem solving model in your classroom.
Register at 22007799991401
Course Dates: Jan. 13-May 9, 2014
Credit(s):  1

Exploring Iowa’s Natural Resources
Build a project-based unit that you can use with your students to teach about local natural resources and the issues facing them.
Register at 22007499991402
Course Dates: Jan. 20-May 4, 2014
Credit(s):  3 (Renewal only)

Strategies for Champion Teachers! Easy Tips and Tricks You can Use Tomorrow
Learn how to implement Doug Lemov’s 49 practical, research-based instructional strategies that will increase critical thinking, engage students, and build a positive culture in your classroom.
Register at 22019299991401
Course Dates: Jan. 20-Mar. 7, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Ollie: Introduction to the Online Learner
Discover what online learning is like from the student perspective.
Register at 22001399991405
Course Dates: Jan. 22-Feb. 11, 2014
Credit(s):  1

Read and Learn Spanish
Improve your ability to understand, speak, and read Spanish.
Register at 22007199991401
Course Dates: Jan. 22-Feb. 11, 2014
Credit(s):  2 (Renewal only)

Learn China
Prepare students for working with global society by providing them with knowledge about China’s people and culture.
Register at 22007599991401
Course Dates: Jan. 23-Feb. 27, 2014
Credit(s):  1 (Renewal only)

Introduction to Google Apps
Learn ways to use Google Apps and and create a 21st century classroom environment.
Register at 22007899991407
Course Dates: Jan. 27-Mar. 2, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Examining: Building School, Family, and Community Partnerships
Leverage parental and community involvement to increase student achievement.
Register at 22018899991401
Course Dates: Jan. 29-April 25, 2014
Credit(s):  3

Examining: Bullying from Both Sides
Learn about the emotional needs of bullied children and the one who bullies.
Register at 22002099991403
Course Dates: Jan. 29-Apr. 25, 2014
Credit(s):  3

Examining: Literacy and Learning in the Content Areas
Support content area literacy at the middle/high school level.
Register at 22012999991402
Course Dates: Jan. 29-Apr. 25, 2014
Credit(s):  3

Examining: Secrets of the Teenage Brain
Examine strategies and approaches for teaching and reaching teenagers.
Register at 22019199991401
Course Dates: Jan. 29-Apr. 25, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction
Help students improve their vocabulary by using practical strategies that are research-based.
Register at 22004899991402
Course Dates: Jan. 29-Apr. 25, 2014
Credit(s):  3

Introduction to Preparing and Teaching in a 1:1 Environment
Discover strategies that will assist in the transition to a 1:1 environment.
Register at 22018499991402
Course Dates: Feb. 3-Mar. 9, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Examining: 7 Keys to Comprehension
Improve students' reading comprehension.
Register at 22007099991404
Course Dates: Feb. 5-May 2, 2014
Credit(s):  3

Examining: How the Brain Learns
Examine the latest brain research, how the student’s brain works and how we can best teach to that brain.
Register at 22017399991402
Course Dates: Feb. 5-May 2, 2014
Credit(s):  3

Examining: How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed Ability Classes
Discover how to meet the needs of all students.
Register at 22003499991402
Course Dates: Feb. 5-May 2, 2014
Credit(s):  3

Examining: Managing Noncompliance and Defiance in the Classroom
Address misbehavior and disruptive classroom conduct.
Register at 22002999991402
Course Dates: Feb. 5-May 2, 2014
Credit(s):  3

Examining: Overcoming Dyslexia
Find out how to help students with dyslexia.
Register at 22003399991403
Course Dates: Feb. 5-May 2, 2014
Credit(s):  3

Examining: The Myth of Laziness
“Laziness” can be caused by the convergence of biological, neurological, and psychological factors. Learn how to help students manage these factors so that they can become more successful students.
Register at 22004999991404
Course Dates: Feb. 5-May 2, 2014
Credit(s):  3

iPods and iPads for the Classroom
Learn to implement Apple's iPods & iPads into your classroom.
Register at 22004199991407
Course Dates: Feb. 10-Mar. 24, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Web 2.0 Data Tools for Math and Science
Explore and create using in tools that can be used to collect, analyze, and share data.
Register at 22011799991402
Course Dates: Feb. 10-Mar. 24, 2014
Credit(s):  3

Sharpen Your Critical Thinking Skills
Help improve your students critical thinking skills by learning specific skills important for information based learning.
Register at 22008999991401
Course Dates: Feb. 12-Mar. 26, 2014
Credit(s):  2 (Renewal Only)

Learning Southeast Asia
Explore the land, history, and culture of southeast Asia through research, readings, and discussion activities.
Register at 22002899991401
Course Dates: Feb. 13-Mar. 20, 2014
Credit(s):  1 (Renewal Only)

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