Friday, April 3, 2020

Content Created for Teachers to Support DE Continuous Learning Plan Webinar

With the DE Continuous Education announcement, we want to remind you that content has been created for you to immediately use with students in our Free to Iowa Districts a Student Personalized Learning System .  In this system, teachers will find modules of content that can be assigned to students.  Students can log in with their google account but will need a code from us to connect them to their school building.

We will be offering a webinar on using this system (please share with others who may be interested):

Professional Learning Online Session
Topic: Continue Student Learning Now! w/ the Student Personalized Learning System
Date/Time: Monday, April 6th 1:30-2:30
Description: The Student Personalized Learning System is one way that you can continue student learning. Content in this system has been developed by curriculum consultants, teachers and students for Iowa student learning. Here is a current list of the content in this system. . This system is free to Iowa Teachers and Students and is brought to you by AEA Learning Online and your AEAs.
Audience: K-12 Educators, Administration, Coaches, AEA Staff
Sign up HERE to receive the zoom link.

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