Monday, September 23, 2019

Indianola Teacher: Softchalk Lesson of the week

Congratulations to Wendy Arch from Indianola High School.  Her Softchalk lesson, Poetic Word & Image  was selected by Softchalk as a lesson of the week.

The objectives of this lesson are being able to analyze the use of figurative language, identify and analyze the use of rhetorical devices and to identify and analyze the use of various literary devices.

Each week Softchalk selects a stand out, top notch, lesson from SoftChalk Share and features it across their social media platforms. SoftChalk Share is an Open Education Resource (OER), learning object repository with thousands of free learning materials (used in blended learning environments, online learning environments, flipped classrooms and more...) created by educators just like the ones in Iowa.
These lessons are interactive, engaging and cover a wide variety of subjects. Through these, you can see the endless possibilities SoftChalk has to offer and learn something new in the process. 

Educators in Iowa are able to obtain Softchalk from AEA Learning Online at no additional cost. If you are interested please contact us Denise Krefting, Evan Abbey or Melissa Wicklund.  You can learn more about best practices of using this tool in our Blending Flipping Cohort course 3.  Learn more.

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