Monday, February 12, 2018

28 Days of OLLIE: Indianola's Online Program

On Feb. 13-16, we are highlighting Kim Grissom from Indianola High School, in Indianola, Iowa. Kim is an instructional coach who supports blended instruction in her school. She is specifically focused on developing ninth grade English, self-paced content. Students can access when they unable to attend school during the traditional school day or in instances where they need to make up work in order to meet a course requirement.

Over the next few days, check out the community here and hear Kim
  • Discuss about her blended learning journey
  • Describe what blended/self-paced learning looks like 
  • Reflect on her blended learning “takeaways”
This week will also feature a conversation with the superintendent at Indianola, Art Sathoff. It will focus on Indianola’s Online Program and provide administrators with ideas on how to systemically support online/blended learning at the district level.

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