Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Teacher's Softchalk Lessons Chosen as Lesson of the Week.

Congratulations to Kyle Berg, high school Social Studies teacher from Indianola whose Softchalk lesson " New Deal Government Intervention " was chosen as Softchalk's Lesson of the Week.  In this Lesson students learn about some of the responses FDR took to battling the Great Depression and are asked to determine which system they believe would work the best if we faced another depression in modern times.  Kyle previously had another Softchalk Lesson of the week titled "Cuban Missile Crisis"

Congratulations to Troy Staudt, technology teacher at Gilbert Middle School,  whose Softchalk lesson "App Developer: Athletics and Body Systems " was also chosen as Softchalk's Lesson of the Week.  This lesson serves as the instructions for a project where students design the concept for an app about human body systems.

Each week Softchalk selects a stand out, top notch, lesson from SoftChalk Share and feature it across thjeir social media platforms. SoftChalk Share is an Open Education Resource (OER), learning object repository with thousands of free learning materials created by educators.

Softchalk is available at not cost to Iowa teachers teaching in the State of Iowa. If you are interested in learning more about this tool and getting access to it, contact us via email at eabbey@aealearningonline.org, dkrefting@aealearningonline.org or mwicklund@aealearningonline.org.

You can learn more about using Softchalk and blending your classroom in our Blending/Flipping Your Classroom cohort professional development.  Learn more about this professional development at https://instructor20.wixsite.com/aealearningonlinebf.

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