Thursday, September 29, 2016

Teacher LOVES the Student Personalized Learning System

AEA PD Online received this note from Holly Leinhauser, a counselor with North Scott Schools, as she shares how their district is using the Character Skills modules in the Student Personalized Learning System.

"I have at this time enrolled our entire school to utilize those modules [in the Student Personalized Learning System].  Although our BD teacher is using those character skill modules with a few students who need guided direction with the modules and that has lead to meaningful conversation.

Last year I worked one on one with a BD student and he didn't always get here in time during the day for us to complete the character skill modules; however when we were working hard I thought he loved what we were doing.

I would suggest that counselors use the character skills modules in small groups, it is such a nice guide.  Perhaps classroom teachers could allow students to work through the modules in groups, completing those independently just wouldn't be beneficial- they are social skills after all. 

I love the modules, and we are using EVERFI right now and after students are done with the four modules I have selected we are going to be utilizing those character skills [in the Student Personalized Learning System] modules...

I would recommend these modules to anyone and everyone!  


If you are interested in using content in the Student Personalized Learning system with your students, you can check out the content at  Log with the credentials from the Teacher Training System.   Once logged in to find the content, click Modules, the category you wish to explore and find modules to preview. Click the icon to the far right of the title to review.

If you wish to have your students work in this content please contact Denise Krefting or Melissa Wicklund

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