Monday, June 15, 2015

Keystone TIC Session - Moving Your District's PD Online

We are presenting tomorrow and Wednesday at Keystone AEA's TIC conference.  First up tomorrow at 2:45 in Salon B is a must-see session for any administrator in attendance.

We will take a look at what 6 different groups are doing to deliver online professional development to teachers.  Districts across Iowa are challenging the traditional delivery models for professional development, finding new ways to utilize the resources provided by AEA PD Online to offer on-demand and just-in-time PD for their staff.

We'll take a look at:
• Panorama - Tapping into self-paced courses
• Prairie Lakes AEA - Developing HR trainings for employees
• Woodward-Granger - Taking those trainings to the next level
• Gilbert - Going deeper with a facilitated course
• Statewide TLC - Using an online community of practice
• Cedar Rapids - Using train-the-trainer with facilitated courses

Handouts for the session:
Self-Paced Courses
Training System
AEA PD Online - Course Catalog
Facilitated v. Personalized

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