Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Keystone TIC Session - Blended Learning Supports

We are presenting again today at the Keystone AEA's TIC conference.  In fact, we have two presentations today.

At 10:00 in Meeting Room 5, we will be showcasing the ways schools are benefiting from our supports for blended learning.  We partner with Keystone AEA, who provides blended cohorts for teachers on how to implement blended learning.  For districts outside of Keystone AEA, we offer the same supports.  This includes:

• Help with local vision
• Support for technological infrastructure
• Rapid e-curriculum development
• Ongoing tech support
• Assistance moving towards best practice
• Professional development

Handouts for the session:
How it All Fits
The "Zero-Entry Pool"
Learning System Hosting

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