Wednesday, February 4, 2015

eCurriculum for Social Studies

Did you know that AEA PD Online K-12 System has online content created by teachers that can be used in their Social Studies classes (downloaded and added to your Moodle or Canvas course).  Check out these (additional content is added all the time so come back often) REMEMBER- these are meant to be teacher facilitated courses :

The American Revolutionary War (9th-12th Grades) - Individual Unit
Ancient Rome (6th Grade) - Individual Unit
AP Government and Politics (9th-12th Grades) - Individual Unit
Big History, by Gail Wortmann - Individual Unit
Civics-Political Parties and Politics - Shell
Civil War (4th-6th Grades) - Individual Unit
Class and Conflict in World Cinema - Individual Unit
Classical South and East Asian Civilizations - Individual Unit
The Constitution, by J. Wills - Unit that is Part of a Full Course
Current Issues - Individual Unit
Geography - Individual Unit
Global Citizenship 2. by Gail Wortmann - Full Course
Hidden Children and the Holocaust: A Lesson and Pledge for Action - Individual Unit
Holocaust Art and Rememberance - Individual Unit
Human Geography Unit - Individual Unit
Immigration to the United States-1840-1920 - Individual Unit
The Korean War: Causes, Controversies & Consequences - Individual Unit
The Middle East in Conflict: Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Holy Land - Individual Unit
PBL Civics: Creating your own law - Unit
PBL: Government Who Needs It - Unit
Primary Mapping Skills (3rd Grade) - Full Course
US Government and Citizenship Q1 - Course
US History Q1 - Course
and many more....

This is a small showcase of the 47 items of content. Enter the system to see the remainder.
If you are not a teacher in the system, watch this video on how to become a teacher in the K-12 Moodle Server. 

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