Wednesday, November 26, 2014

OLLIE Participant Spotlight: Sandra Campie

Sandra Campie has taught elementary math and science and served as an AEA math and science
consultant for the past 13 years and is about to take her experiences as a teacher and math/science consultant online. She believes the future of education lies in personalizing student learning, and that online learning offers choices.

In January, she will be teaching Iowa Core Fraction Domain for Grades 3-5 for AEA PD Online. The course is focused on helping teachers develop a deep understanding of fractions and how to teach them.

To prepare for teaching online, Sandra has completed the OLLIE (Online Learning for Iowa Educators) online course series. The OLLIE courses allowed her to focus on her goal of developing an online course for math teachers while at the same time receiving technology support for online learning, course facilitation, and assessment of student learning in an online environment.

Online teaching is ever changing and growing in knowledge about the online learner, “ Campie         said. “I feel like a pioneer because it is a new vehicle for learning. I learned so much about     facilitating, things I wish I had learned a long time ago.”

“Because of our distance physically from our students, connecting virtually is really, really important,” she continued. “I also learned that it is easier to facilitate self-assessment tools and automatic assessment feedback than face-to-face in a large group setting.”

“Educators who want to improve their ability to meet individual student needs and learning preferences in a blended or an online environment will benefit from the OLLIE series,” she concluded.

Thanks, Sandra, for being a pioneer in Iowa’s quest to improve online learning for learners across the state.

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