Friday, December 1, 2017

Professional Learning Course Boosts Technology Integration at AdairCasey/GuthrieCenter

In the 2015-16 school year, the Guthrie Center Community School District piloted personalized professional learning, allowing teachers to give input on how they spent their inservice time. Last year, in their first year of whole-grade sharing junior high and high school with Adair-Casey, all PK-12 teachers in both districts had the opportunity to choose the focus of their professional learning.

Their personalized learning plan had to be tied into a district or building goal, be collaborative and be approved by the curriculum director. The professional learning menu included an AEA Learning Online course, book study, site-based technology integration course and standards alignment. Because both districts have actively supported the infusion of technology in the classroom and have looked for ways to support teachers in these endeavors, approximately 2/3 of teachers in both districts enrolled in the tech integration course.

Your district can also support personalized professional learning with your staff using AEA Learning Online's teacher training system (as Adair Casey/Guthrie Center is doing). Contact Deborah Cleveland for assistance.

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