Monday, November 21, 2016

Professional Development: Blending Flipping Your Classroom Cohort

Two Blending Flipping Your Classroom cohorts are beginning in Heartland AEA and Mississippi Bend AEA.  Course 1 "Blending/ Flipping Your Classroom 1" the start of the four course series will begin this summer for Mississippi Bend and in Heartland beginning in February, 2017 .

These cohorts consist of 4 courses that teachers and administrators can take through out a 1 1/2 year period.   Credit is available at a significantly reduced rate.
  • The first course (Blending/ Flipping Your Classroom 1- Introduction is a three day face-to-face training on "Blending/Flipping your classroom 1" for one license renewal credit.  
  • The second course is a fully online course "Blending/Flipping 2- Blended Instruction" as well as an elementary option for two credits (license renewal and graduate) which is available to those who have completed the first course.  
  • The third in the series is "Blending/Flipping Your Classroom 3: Designing Online Lessons" which will take place as a blended model with two days face-to-face and the rest online for those who have completed the first two courses. This course is also two credits (license renewal and graduate).  
  •  Finally the fourth in this series is "Blending/Flipping 4: Activities and Assessment "which will take place as a blended model with two days face-to-face and the rest online and is also 2 credits (license renewal and graduate) for those who have taken the three other courses.  

The last three courses in the series (six credits) can also be applied to the Drake Online Teacher certification for those that are interested. 

If you are interested in signing up or finding out more about the first course in the series offered at
Heartland AEA Feb 2017 click here.
Mississippi Bend AEA for June click here.

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