Tuesday, June 21, 2016

KPEC Conference - Designing for Blended and Online Learning

We are presenting at Keystone's KPEC conference today and tomorrow.  Today, we are facilitating a session on design for blended and online learning.

Where: Salon B
When: 11:30

We'll be looking at several different aspects of the design process.  Here are some of the resources for each part.

Blended Learning Models

Blended Learning Models
Blended/Flipping Cohort 
Jarod's Site

Instructional Design

Guiding Principles to Design
Structuring into Units
Creating Objectives
Quality Online Instruction
Visual Design 

Designing Lessons

Designing Online Lessons
Planning Online Lessons
Developing Narrative 

Spoken/Recorded Lessons

Jarod's Site
Spoken/Recorded Lessons
Preparing Your Speaking Voice 
Interactivity in Spoken/Recorded Lesson

Text-Based Lessons 

SoftChalk Cloud website
SoftChalk Cloud license request
SoftChalk Cloud Tutorials
Structure and Parts of Text-Based Lessons
Using Images
Adding Interactivity to SoftChalk

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