Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Math: Modular Arithmetic (and Cryptography) modules

A Math: Modular Arithmetic (and Cryptography) module has been added to AEA PD Online's Student Personalized Learning system which can be paired with teacher learning of the module Mathematics: Networks (Vertex-Edge Graphs) Cluster found in the Training System.  These modules originally developed by Megan Balong of the University of Northern Iowa, support the Iowa Core Math Standards. Teachers can check out the teacher learning by logging into the Training System and the content for students by logging into the Student Personalized Learning system using the username and password that you use for the Training System  (this is where teachers may have taken mandatory trainings for your district).

Once you have logged into the Training System the Mathematics: Networks (Vertex-Edge Graphs) Cluster learning module can be found by clicking on Catalog then General Prof Development Modules.

To view the student content, once you have logged into the Student Learning system, click on Modules then Math and scroll to A Math: Modular Arithmetic (and Cryptography) .  If you wish to use these with students or have any questions please contact Denise Krefting ( or Melissa Wicklund (

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