Monday, November 2, 2015

Find AEA PD Online at the 2015 ISCA Conference

This Monday and Tuesday, AEA PD Online is at the Iowa School Counselor Association Conference.  Evan Abbey and Rob Brookhart will present "Success Skills Curriculum: Mastering the Arts and Science of Excellence and Ethics"  

"In partnership with Character Counts in Iowa and the Institute for Excellence and Ethics, AEA PD  Online has available a 40-module online curriculum free for all Iowa Schools.  This session will give a demonstration of the curriculum as well as provide first-hand experiences from schools that have used it.  Find out how to access the curriculum as well as how to access professional development for it."

We will also be giving away a free self paced course as a door prize.  Stop by our booth to learn more and let us know how you are using our services.


  1. How do I download the curriculum?

  2. Contact us at AEA PD Online for the directions to access the curriculum.