Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New adds to the eCurriculum Catalog to add to your Blended Classroom

Did you know that AEA PD Online K-12 System has online content created by teachers that can be used in their classes (downloaded and added to your Moodle or Canvas course).  Here is a list of new content that was just added.  REMEMBER- these are meant to be teacher facilitated courses :

Composition and Content in the Visual ArtsUnitFine Arts
Allegory in PaintingUnitFine Arts
What's in a Picture? An Introduction to Subject in the Visual ArtsUnitFine Arts
Music from Across America for K-5UnitFine Arts
Jazz and World War II: A Rally to Resistance, A Catalyst for VictoryUnitFine Arts
Genre in the Visual Arts: Portraits, Pears, and Perfect LandscapesUnitFine Arts
“House by the Railroad”: A Painting and a Poem for the Common CoreUnitFine Arts
The Argument of the Declaration of IndependenceUnitSocial Studies
"A Raisin in the Sun": The Quest for the American DreamUnitSocial Studies
300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae: Herodotus's Real HistoryUnitSocial Studies
A Landmark Lesson: The United States Capitol BuildingUnitSocial Studies
African-American Communities in the North Before the Civil WarUnitSocial Studies
African-American Soldiers After World War I: Had Race Relations Changed?UnitSocial Studies
African-American Soldiers in World War I: The 92nd and 93rd DivisionsUnitSocial Studies
After the American Revolution: Free African Americans in the NorthUnitSocial Studies
American Colonial Life in the Late 1700s: Distant CousinsUnitSocial Studies

This is a small showcase of the new items, check out all of our content by subject. If you are not a teacher in the system, watch this video on how to become a teacher in the K-12 Moodle Server.

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