Monday, October 14, 2013

Upcoming Courses

See below for a list of upcoming online professional learning opportunities. To register, click on the activity number listed with each course. To conduct your own search for professional development classes, download the AEAPD Online app at or click here to go to the AEA PD Online catalog.

Blueprint for Common Core Foundational Skills
Dig into the literacy Iowa Core Foundational Skills and find out how understanding the phonetic basis of English can help students be successful.
Register at 22016699991403
Course Dates: Nov. 3-Jan. 5, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Glogster: Project-based Learning with Multimedia
Discover how help students create and use interactive posters (glogs) that combine text, images, sound, video clips, graphics, and hyperlinks.
Register at 22009099991402
Course Dates: Nov. 4-Nov. 24, 2013
Credit(s):  1

Introduction to Preparing and Teaching in a 1:1 Environment
Gain insight and ideas on how to transition to a 1:1 environment.
Register at 22018499991401
Course Dates: Nov. 4-Dec.8, 2013
Credit(s):  2

Photoshop Elements: Digital Imaging in the Classroom
Find practical ideas about how to use digital cameras, scanners, and images from the web to enhance student learning.
Register at 22000499991402
Course Dates: Nov. 4-Nov. 24, 2013
Credit(s):  1

Introduction to Google Apps
Harness the power of Google Apps and create learning environments that support collaboration.
Register at 22007899991406
Course Dates: Nov. 11-Dec. 15, 2013
Credit(s):  2

Latino Lit
Discover how Latino literature can give you and your students some inside perspectives on the world of Latino culture in the United States.
Register at 22006399991401
Course Dates: Nov. 13-Dec. 29, 2013
Credit(s): 1 (Renewal Only)

iPods and iPads for the Classroom
Learn to implement Apple's iPods & iPads into your classroom.
Register at 22004199991405
Course Dates: Nov. 18-Dec. 15, 2013
Credit(s):  2

MOLLIE: Blended Learning
Discover how to blend classroom instruction so that students have the flexibility of online learning and the benefits of face-to-face instruction.
Register at 22015099991403
Course Dates: Dec. 4-Jan. 7, 2014
Credit(s):  2

MOLLIE: Designing Online Lessons, Including Softchalk
Dig deep into how to design and build text-based and spoken lessons for an online environment.
Register at 22017999991402
Course Dates: Dec. 4-Jan. 7, 2014
Credit(s):  2

OLLIE: Online Facilitation
Learn about the differences between online and face-to-face instruction and online facilitation strategies that will increase student learning.
Register at 22009699991402
Course Dates: Dec. 4-Jan. 7, 2014
Credit(s):  2

Learn the critical elements of the teacher evaluation system in Iowa.
Register at 22017299991404
Course Dates: Dec. 6-Jan. 31, 2014
Credit(s):  2 (Relicensure)

Developing Student-Directed Learning
Design instruction that moves from teacher-directed to student directed learning.
Register at 22010499991402
Course Dates: Dec. 10-Jan. 21, 2014
Credit(s):  2 

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